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Ever wondered why many brands hire renowned actors in their commercial ads? Their flawless and commercialized voice makes people go crazy for the products they endorse, making them a hit!!!

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At POWER MIC PRODUCTIONS, our commercial ad voice-over talent exudes inflection, cadence, and consistent energy throughout the ad, producing the best audibly presented commercial on radio or TV. Our impactful promo voice-over leverages your commercial ad, generating the most whacking effect from two-minute storytelling.

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We understand you and are eager to ease your production-related burden. Therefore, we provide other assistance, like producing creative audio/video commercial ads and making them successful with an authoritative, convincing, and persuasive voice on radio and TV.

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If you have an idea but don’t know how to put it up in words, lean on us for unique visualizations of your commercial ads. Our creative commercial ads instantly amaze and connect the audience with the ad, imprinting the dialogues and jingles on their mental memory for years to come.

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